Swallow Evacuation & Mobility Products

sponsors the Estates & Facilities Innovation Award
Swallow EMP are specialists in mobility aids that assist with moving wheelchair users and people with limited mobility up and down flights of stairs in a variety of environments including health care and education.

The company is owned by Greg and Julia Pons who pride themselves on supplying the correct solution.  When approached by a client they check the stairs and landings at the building and if it is for a wheelchair user they check that the wheelchair and the stair climber are compatible and that the wheelchair user is happy with the proposed solution.

SwallowEMP have stair climbers for people who are in wheelchairs or people with limited mobility, there are powered and non-powered designs for use on straight, spiral and flared stairs. The powered units go both up and down stairs so can be used to cover access, egress and evacuation. Also lift break downs or outages. Simplicity and safety and reducing manual handling are the keys with the product range.

SwallowEMP also supply stair climbers that take goods up and down stairs.

Contact Swallowemp to find out about the options available to improve access, egress and evacuation.

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