Assistive Partner

Assistive Partner

Hospitals must adapt and adopt proven technology.

The Five Year Forward View, Wachter and Carter recommendations all say so. The new Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs) all demand it.

There’s a target to implement GS1 as part of the program to move to P2P (Purchase to Pay) EDI solutions. We can help you in the most affordable fashion.

Scanning patient barcodes and scanning what's used, improves patient safety, enhances care and cuts costs.

Assistive Partner's hospital inventory management scanning-driven solutions are simple to use and swift to implement.

They save time for clinicians, so they can pay greater attention to patients.

Many more benefits, such as patient/procedure level cost reports and accurate inventory come about as a result of Trusts implementing our software.

Known as UNIQUS HIM, spend-to-save. Invest less than £60,000 per annum. Deliver savings well over £400,000 annually.

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