Air Ambulance Service Award

This award recognises the hard work and dedication of the Air Ambulance sector, which operates as 18 separate charities that raise over £35 million per year in funding.

2016 Winner: London Air Ambulance

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Clinical Commissioning Award

Recognising the recently formed CCG sector, and an organisation which has quickly made an impact to reduce hospital admissions through preventative practice.

2016 Winner: NHS Barnsley - RightCare Barnsley

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Environmental Practice Award

sponsored by STC
This award will recognise the individual NHS project (smarter use of energy, transport, waste management) that has furthered the progress of environmental practice in the NHS.

2016 Winner: Barts Health NHS Trust - Cleaner Air for East London

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Healthcare IT Award

sponsored by Fujitsu
The wider use of computer technology in the NHS is evident throughout the world, with many countries citing NHS projects as examples of good practice. This award will recognise an organisation that is responsible for implementing a ground breaking IT project that demonstrates clear cost benefits to the wider NHS.

2016 Winner: Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Plymouth University, Royal Cornwall Hospitals and SUDEP Action

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Healthcare Recruitment Award

sponsored by Interact Medical
Improving patient access and choice depends on the quality and availability of staff in all areas of the hospital practice. This award will recognise the NHS organisation that has developed a robust recruitment policy that delivers both safety and continuity to patients

2016 Winner: Guy's & St. Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust

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Hospital Building Award

sponsored by CCube Solutions
Since 1997, the NHS has seen a huge investment in its fabric - the biggest hospital building programme in its history. This award will be made to the new hospital building project that raises the standard of the healthcare environment and demonstrates value for money and project management excellence.

2016 Winner: Guy's & St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust — Cancer Treatment Centre

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Hospital Catering Award

The Hospital Catering Award is presented to the NHS Trust that has strived to improve the standard of food and its nutritional value for the benefits of both patients and staff.

2016 Winner: Taunton & Somerset NHS Trust

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Hospital Cleaning Award

Patients expect hospitals to be clean. This award acknowledges the efforts made by NHS organisations in recent years to raise standards in cleanliness and reduce the risk of hospital acquired infections.

2016 Winner: Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust

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Hospital Procurement Award

Recognising the NHS Trust that has delivered value for money and increased efficiency through smarter procurement practice. The winning trust will demonstrate the success of partnerships and collaborations to achieve procurement excellence and cost effectiveness.

2016 Winner: South West London Pathology

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Hospital Security Award

The critical assets of a hospital - its people, property, information and reputation - must be protected.  This award will recognise hospitals that have made significant steps towards a safer environment for patients and workers through the implementation of a security policy which incorporates the latest advancements in CCTV, access control and other monitoring technologies.

2016 Winner: East Lancashire Hospitals Trust

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NHS Collaboration Award

Presented to the NHS Trust which has worked with other public/private sector organisations, such as local government, police, fire, charities, schools etc to engage the local community in preventative campaigns.

2016 Winner: Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust / South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue / South Yorkshire Police

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NHS Publicity Campaign Award

sponsored by Your Socks On
Awarded to the campaign which can demonstrate success in achieving its objectives. The winning campaign can be either internal or external and can combine media including press, radio, television and outdoor advertising.

2016 Winner: UK Renal Registry - Think Kindneys

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Patient Data Award

The need for timely, effective information in healthcare is key to realising the benefits of the huge investments in NHS staff and buildings. This award will recognise the most innovative introduction of new technology for secure  storage, retrieval and distribution of data throughout the NHS.

2016 Winner: Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust

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Patient Safety Award

sponsored by Ascom
Awarded to the NHS Trust which has made great strides in providing a safe hospital environment for patients, and has taken action to reduce Hospital Acquired infections and mortality rates.

2016 Winner: Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust

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Sustainable Hospital Award

sponsored by ISS Mediclean
The environment in which people live and work, has a key influence on their health. This award recognises the NHS hospital that has made progress towards sustainability through the smarter use of energy, transport, waste management etc in order to strive towards a reduced impact of healthcare facilities on the environment.

2016 Winner: West London Mental Health NHS Trust - Broadmoor Hospital redevelopment

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Transport & Logistics Award

sponsored by The British Parking Association

Awarded to the NHS Trust that has seen improvements in operational logistics including emergency services transport and coordination; fleet management; green transport; car parking and traffic management; postal services; and the supply of materials and goods.

2016 Winner: NHS Blood and Transport

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