Estates & Facilities Innovation Award


The Estates & Facilities Innovation Award recognises NHS and other healthcare organisations that have developed innovative procedures for managing and maintaining healthcare facilities.

2016 Winner

Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust - Endoscopy Decontamination Services

Estates and Facilities Innovation 2016 Winner: Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust  - Endoscopy Decontamination Services

New equipment and technology specified by the Centralised Endoscopy Decontamination Services team at Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has improved patient safety and efficiency. The working group for the project (business manager for surgery, an operations manager for surgery, endoscopy unit manager and decontamination lead) specified height-adjustable sinks, racking to store unused baskets made from recycled equipment, purpose- built trolleys and a bespoke hub carrier - all designed and made to Burton Hospitals’ specifications to aid with improved efficiency and quality of service. The facilities for cleaning endoscopes are all purpose built for the space and have been designed with the input of staff, and consistently provide clinicians with safe, clean equipment. In recent inspections the trust scored highly for discharging patients, keeping the noise down on wards during the night and communication.

Northumberland Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust
Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust - Space Utilisation programme

2015 Winner

Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust
In the Autumn last year, Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust began accepting suspected Ebola patients. With its private sector partner, the team developed a plan which, during patient transfer, ensured privacy and dignity was maintained, whilst safeguarding staff, patients and visitors.

2015 Commended
North Bristol NHS Trust
Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust