Evac + Chair


Evac + Chair International are the world’s number 1 suppliers and original manufacturers of evacuation chairs. The chairs are designed to accommodate disabled or mobility impaired people, allowing them to descend a staircase in an emergency situation without the need of great physical strength or lifting.

With over 35 years’ experience, and more than 30 distributors worldwide, including in the USA, Germany, and South Africa, Evac + Chair have become leading specialists in emergency evacuation, providing comprehensive education, ensuring their customers comply fully with health and safety regulations. This can range from providing products, advising on the legalities that surround evacuation planning and deployment to specific and regular maintenance.

Our most popular Evac + Chair is the 300H MK4 model. It can take a 182kg payload capacity and it is also available in AMB format which has larger rear wheels for prolonged/external rough terrain use. It is used as our standard model as it can be used as a one person operation, meaning it is easy to use and light weight at only 9.5kg.

For more information on our range of Evac + Chairs, please visit www.evacchair.co.uk