ISS Healthcare

ISS Healthcare

Founded in 1984 as Mediclean, ISS Healthcare is one of the leading providers of facility services for the National Health Service, employing around 14,000 people.

As the original name suggests the company started with a cleaning background but it quickly established a fine reputation for providing a wide range of Soft FM including catering, portering and other related services. Since 2001 the company has also been providing Hard FM or Estates Services directly to hospitals across the UK.

Providing services into the healthcare environment brings with it a different set of challenges, the core customer is the patient. By their very nature the patients in any hospital are vulnerable; it could be that they are elderly, disabled, confused or simply nervous about the treatment they are receiving.

To be successful here, and to play your part, you have to have a compassionate understanding. This is at the core of ISS Healthcare’s understanding and embodied within the Company motto ‘People Serving People’ as they strive to provide excellence with long-term sustainable goals. It is therefore, entirely appropriate that ISS Healthcare are the proud sponsor of this year’s Health Business’ Estates and Facilities Innovation Award.

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