Assistive Partner

sponsors the NHS Finance Award
The £22bn NHS savings mandated between now and 2020 must come from non-pay sources. So where is the fat? If the NHS were a FTSE 100 business or a leading global corporation, how would they deliver that kind of saving over the next few years?

In the world of commerce, times have never been more competitive. Nor more cost conscious. The world’s biggest commercial organisations have been forced to look down the barrel of this same gun. Their answer has been to embrace more efficient systems.

They’ve turned to savings in processes and supply chain management. Every business process has come under the microscope. Savings have been calculated. Ranked in order of the best return on investment.

Enter the simple barcode….. The NHS doesn’t need to invent new technology. Just adapt and adopt. Simply scan the patient wristband and scan the packs of material to improve safety, enhance care and cut costs.

Assistive Partner’s hospital inventory management software –UNIQUS HIM, is simple to use and swift to implement. Discover a “spend-to-save” business case. An investment of less than £60,000 per annum is likely to deliver savings of well over £400,000 per annum.

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