Your Socks On

sponsors the NHS Publicity Campaign Award
Your Socks OnImagine you couldn’t put your socks on because you had broken your back, had just come out of surgery or were simply struggling with mobility in old age. Socks On was born out of its founder Mike Milligan’s frustration from these common issues and decided to do something about it.

SocksOn is a dressing aid which takes the pain and hassle out of putting on both compression socks and regular socks.

After an operation, hospitals spend a lot of time helping patients get their socks on. Wouldn’t it be easier for everybody if patients could do it themselves?

The Compression SocksOn model has been designed with heavy duty use in mind. Ideal for care homes, retirement villages and hospitals, the Compression SocksOn aid features a larger winding belt, making it sturdier and resistant to wear. It includes a stronger PVC base with wheels for easy transport and rubber handle grips. These enhancements ensure the Compression SocksOn model is robust enough to cope with the demanding stresses of continuous use in environments such as hospitals.

This model exceeds the weight threshold for break tests by twice what is required, and has recently been awarded the CE Marking for sale and distribution in the UK and Europe.