sponsors the Patient Safety Award
Enhanced Communications, Empowered Careworkers. For over 50 years with a national team of professional engineers and consultants, Ascom designs, builds and operates robust communication solutions that help facilitate mobility, enable efficiency and increase personal security.

Coverage is designed to be seamless from day one using our unique Site Audit methodology we can help ensure that every alert or call is never missed. Care workers can call patients at their bedside or colleagues wherever they are helping to improve patient experience and reduce the delays chasing information. Any alerts and alarms are prioritised, filtered and delivered within seconds directly to the right personnel to take immediate action - preventing a crisis. Handsets can also pin-point location and if an alarm is raised, help can be directed directly to the care worker that needs assistance - help improve Staff Safety.

All our 75,000 installed systems worldwide are unique, designed to solve specific customer problems and built to last. Thanks to our scalable and modular architecture, as well as the optimal integration of modern wireless and IP applications, some of the systems we originally supplied 20 years ago are still in operation and still reliably serving our customers’ needs.

Ascom UK is part of the Ascom Group with 13 countries and 1,200 employees worldwide. Headquartered in Göteborg, the Ascom Group is listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange (ASCN:SIX)

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