Sustainable Hospital Award

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The environment in which people live and work, has a key influence on their health. This award recognises the NHS hospital that has made progress towards sustainability through the smarter use of energy, transport, waste management etc in order to strive towards a reduced impact of healthcare facilities on the environment.

2016 Winner

West London Mental Health NHS Trust - Broadmoor Hospital redevelopment

Sustainable Hospital 2016 Winner: West London Mental Health NHS Trust - Broadmoor Hospital redevelopment

As well as a new energy centre and combined heat and power boiler that turns wood chips into fuel, The Broadmoor Hospital redevelopment project features ongoing ecology work which sees hundreds of animals relocated to safer environments in surrounding areas. Scheduled to open in 2017, much of its demolition material is being processed for recycling, with environmental mitigation measures used on the access road for construction traffic.

North Bristol NHS Trust - Sustainable Healthcare Campaign
Yeovil Hospital - Waste Management Practice
University Hospitals Bristol Foundation Trust - Green Impact scheme
East Cheshire NHS trust - Combined Heat & Power Installation

2015 Winner

Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
The Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust set up the first medical PVC recycling project outside Australia, in which three common single use PVC items were picked for their suitability: anaesthetic facemasks, oxygen tubing and oxygen masks from elective, non-infectious patients. The pilot encouraged the Environmental Agency to allow ‘sensible’ recycling of items previously considered clinical waste and helped to open up channels to manufactures to make more single use items recyclable. Compliance with the process was nearly 100 per cent and cross contamination of the recycling bins with other waste was zero, resulting in approximately 200kg of PVC diverted from landfill or incineration to date.

2015 Commended
Isle of Wight NHS Trust
Guy's & St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust