Tasty Little Numbers

Tasty Little Numbers

Tasty Little Numbers is the portion control brand designed to Take The Messin' Outta Guessin'. With over 25 snacks, chocolate bars, candy bars and all-natural meals, all portioned to whole numbers of calories, you can treat yourself guilt-free!

Tasty Little Numbers also caters to a range of dietary requirements, so if you’re looking for high protein, gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, or no added sugar options, the Tasty Little Numbers 100 + 200 calorie product range has something for everyone!

With over 57% of adults looking to use portion control as a means of healthy eating, it’s a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle, whilst still allowing for the occasional treat. Tasty Little Numbers gives you calories at a glance with built-in portion control, leaving you more time to enjoy the good stuff!

So if you're super busy, love life and real food, want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle but think that life is too short to eat diet food and tot up odd numbers of calories, then Tasty Little Numbers is for you! No matter what healthy eating plan you're on Tasty Little Numbers fits right in!

For more information, please email hello@tastylittlenumbers.com